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Who We Are

DPI is a Performance Chemical Company established in 2002. We specialize in custom chemical products formulated for a wide range of industries and applications. We are also a distributor of specialty chemicals, of which have been procured via agreements with strategic partners. These products provide DPI with an increased product diversity to meet many demands of our customers.

DPI was formed to fill a growing need for specialized products that targeted very specific needs of our customers. With increased demands for high performance products, shelf products were often ineffective and as a result, costly. DPI took the approach of putting in the time and effort to develop exactly what our customers needed. DPI continues with this same approach today. While other companies may choose to be measured in tons, we prefer to be measured by our customer’s success.

Customer service is paramount at DPI. From order processing to technical support, our goal is to make an impression upon our customers that keep them coming back.

Industries We Served

DPI Offers The Most Extensive Product Lines In The Chemical Industry
DPI Textiles Auxiliaries

DPI. You will not find our name on the package or the tag of the products you buy. But our products have been used in processes all around the globe that improve the performance of the products you use on a daily basis.

DPI Sourcing and Distribution

DPI produces both organic and inorganic pigment dispersions for a wide variety of applications. We manufacture pigment dispersions for screen printing, frame dyeing, and special military applications. We have the also produce dispersions that meet specs for IR. Custom shades and blends are available.

DPI Commercial Laundering

DPI is not your ordinary laundry soap provider. With a technical background of years in the textile industry, DPI provides solutions with a deeper understanding of the substrate from the fiber to the finish. We provide the right product with the right solution.


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